Plastimetal was founded in Verona in 1996 out of the ten-year experience of Zamburlin Giovanni, its founder.

We are specialised in the production and personalisation of the widest range of  approved under the EU directives mudflaps, Pvc bumpers and mats, hose clamps, protective grills for rear lights and other trimming accessories both for industrial and commercial vehicles and for earthmoving equipment.

Our company is both equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and employs a highly professional and motivated team. These factors allow us to offer our customers great quality-price ratio products, which are entirely made within our plant: we start from the planning stage and get to the end product in short times.

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Since many years, we have been partners of the most important leading companies in this industry. Our customers range from small realities to more organised industries and we provide them all with the same care and attention to their needs.